Exclusive creation of garments with antibacterial property

Prevents irritation

The antibacterial property of SIIL products prevents skin irritations caused by the accumulation of bacteria in the fabric, caused by stains, leaks or repeated use.

Reduces staining

The antibacterial fabric, by preventing the spread of bacteria in the fibers of the fabric, prevents stains generated by them.

Eliminates odors

The main cause of odor in the tissues is produced by groups of bacteria that live in the fibers of the tissue and feed on the tissue itself or even body sweat. By eliminating these bacteria and preventing their spread, the cause of the odor is avoided.


Antimicrobial protective finish for all types of fibers, especially for textiles used next to the skin.

Fungicidal and bactericidal properties for protective textile finishes
Interrupts the food chain of dust mites
Resistant to washing
Oeko-Tex® registered

Use: Fulardized and exhaustion process

Chemical basis: Zinc pyrithione

Ionic: Weakly anionic

Condition: Liquid

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