Clothing and Ostomy

Gloria Jiménez

Gloria Jiménez

Clothing is something that a person with an ostomy has doubts about, both aesthetically and functionally.

You can wear all kinds of clothes with an ostomy. However, there will be garments that, due to the location of the stoma or the individual body contour, may be uncomfortable, such as belts, for example. In these cases there are stoma protectors, such as the SIIL protector, which will help you to cover the stoma and thus avoid discomfort with certain garments.

With an ostomy you can wear tight-fitting clothing and even swimwear.

Look for ostomy-friendly bathing suits, as well as intimate apparel and bands or accessories adapted for you, with an inner pocket and ergonomically adapted, that give you the necessary security to wear all the clothes you want and hide, if you wish, your device.

At SIIL we have designed and developed garments to make you feel safe, comfortable and attractive as before your surgery.

This type of tailored clothing will help you avoid many inconveniences such as incorrect device fit, risk of leaks, negative body image and appearance, discomfort, feeling of heaviness, etc. An ostomy requires attention and support in all aspects.

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