Foods for traveling with Ostomy

Another issue that is often on the mind of a person with an ostomy when a trip comes up is food. So this are my thoughts about ileostomy diet, colostomy diet when traveling.

If you have already had time to recover completely from your surgery, you will have a good idea of what can cause discomfort or upset you. This logically varies from one person to another but it is convenient to take it into account.

In general, avoid consuming foods that you know may cause intestinal discomfort before and during your trip. Keep in mind that you will not always be able to find a place that is clean and has the facilities to change or empty your bowels continuously, so consume light products that do not cause stomach discomfort.


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On tourist trips it is common to try the local food, something that in principle does not represent any problem, as long as these foods do not produce an alteration of the intestinal transit. To avoid surprises, try to taste the food at your destination, if possible, for a few days. If, for example, you plan to travel to Mexico, try to eat Mexican food for a few days to see if you tolerate it well.


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It is advisable to eat food that is well tolerated but there can always be something unexpected. Always carry with you a medication kit prescribed by your doctor. You will be much calmer during your trip knowing that the care of your stoma will be guaranteed at all times.

Living with an Inflammatory Bowel Disease and being an ostomy pouch carrier is no impediment for you to take trips to exotic places you have always wanted to go to, even if it means some unwanted unforeseen events and more planning time.

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