What should my stoma look like?

When your ostomy surgery is recent, one of the first questions you will ask yourself is what your stoma should look like to confirm that the evolution is correct.

All stomata are the same, in general, except for their size and shape. The stoma should be red or pink. It is filled with blood vessels, which lie on the surface.

The stoma should always be moist, just like the inside of your mouth. Being a mucous membrane, it has its own natural lubrication.

Do not panic if at some point your stoma bleeds: since it has many blood vessels, it is totally normal. It will heal by itself, just like when you bite the inside of your mouth. The stoma has no sensitivity because it lacks nerve endings. The slight movement of the stoma is called peristaltic action.


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The size of the stoma changes throughout the ostomy patient’s life, especially during the first few weeks after surgery. It will take six to eight weeks for the stoma to reduce in size.

During this period, it is important to measure your stoma at each device change to adjust the stoma plate. The device must adequately cover the peristomal skin to keep it neat and healthy, ensuring that there are no leaks.

Over time, you will gain security and confidence in the care of your ostomy.

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