Working with an Ostomy

A priori, having a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy does not have to be an impediment to return to work, however, it will have to be individualized for each patient.


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After surgery, you will need time to recover and heal. Consider returning to work once you are feeling well. You could return to work gradually or propose a reduction in your work schedule to your employer.

If you are concerned about your ostomy care at your workplace, consult with your doctor or stomatotherapist about it.

Use undergarments that you feel comfortable and secure in, such as the basic ostomy panties for women or the SIIL Ostomy Line ostomy belts for men.

If your job requires manual labor, or physical exertion such as heavy lifting, you may be advised to wear a stoma protector or an ostomy girdle or belt to protect it.

Returning to work is a good way to get back to your normal routine, feel good and avoid thinking about your worries about your new situation.

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