Broad Slim Body



Elastic ostomy wrap 23-25 cm high. Floral lace and bodysuit finish. Antibacterial and absorbent textile. Inner pocket suitable for any ostomy.

Compatible with Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec , Braun and Welland ostomy bags.

Size Guide

Our Slim Body, 23-25 cm height, will be your favorite garment for your intimate moments. Made of soft premium elastic textile, with antibacterial and absorbent properties and provided with an inner pocket suitable for any ostomy, it will allow you to enjoy your intimacy with total security. Its design, with a bodysuit finish and the detail of the floral lace, make it a special and delicate garment.

You will like the Slim bodysuit because…

1. Its antibacterial and absorbent fabric will help reduce odors, avoid irritation and reduce stains.

2. The compression provided by the fabric will allow you to hide your ostomy pouch without pressing on it, even with a full pouch.

3. Its pocket is compatible with ostomies on both sides and with any type of ostomy: ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy.

4. It is perfect for stomas with a higher marking.

5. It is ideal for the use of maxi and midi ostomy pouch. Perfect for your romantic moments!

80% Polyamide
20% Elastane
Lining 100% Cotton

On garments with lace it is recommended to wash by hand to avoid damage to the lace.

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