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Ostomy Lingerie

Ostomy Lingerie Bodies for intimate moments with an Ostomy

Ostomy Lingerie covers are designed to protect and hold your ostomy bag. In this page you can find Ostomy Bag Covers to hold your Ostomy Bag with inner pocket and inferior aperture for sexy that provide discrection, comfort and make you feel sensual during your intimate moments and forget about your ostomy bag.

Compatible with all ostomy bags, Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, Braun and all others.

Body Sense
46,99 $47,99 $
Short Slim Body (20cm)
46,99 $47,50 $
Broad Slim body (23cm)
46,99 $47,99 $

SIIL Stoma Protector®

Tough, light, invisible

The best ostomy protector.

Valid with all types of ostomies and stomas. We have designed it with double opening to never rub the stoma, even when the pouch is filled.

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