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Ostomy Panties

SIIL Ostomy Panties are adapted garments designed to hold and protect your Ostomy Bag. The goal of our designs is to make you feel super comfortable, sexy and forget about ostomy bag weight while wearing them. We have other kinds of Ostomy bag covers for other situations, like Ostomy Swimwear, Ostomy Belt or Ostomy Wraps.

Compatible with any type of Ostomy Bags like Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, Bbraun, and others.

Ostomy Panties Classic

37,99 $38,99 $

Ostomy Panties Sofia Black

38,99 $40,50 $

Ostomy Panties Sofía

38,99 $39,99 $

Ostomy Panties Basic

36,99 $37,99 $
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Ostomy Panties Black


How do you hide an ostomy bag?

Fortunately, nowadays, there are many options for covering your ostomy bag.

The ideal is to use underwear adapted for ostomates that you like, which include an internal pocket that holds and protects the ostomy bag.

There are plenty of options, form Ostomy wraps, to Ostomy Panties, Ostomy Belts or even Ostomy Swimwear.

What is an ostomy cover?

An ostomy bag cover is a soft fabric cover that disguise your ostomy bag. It is a way to provide discretion without having to hide the bag with other most developed ostomy products, like Ostomy Panties, Ostomy wraps or Ostomy Belts.

What clothes can you wear with an ostomy?

Ostomy Underwear like Ostomy Panties, Ostomy Wraps or Ostomy Belts, will hold and protect the ostomy bag and pull it into the abdomen softly so will be possible to wear any kind of clothes afterwards. There are many, colors and designs to choose from,just like any other fashion accessory so you can combine and wear the outfits you like the most.