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Ostomy Lingerie

Ostomy Lingerie Bodies for intimate moments with an Ostomy

Ostomy lingerie combines style with functionality, offering comfort and confidence to those with an ostomy. This specialized lingerie is designed to accommodate ostomy bags while maintaining a sleek and attractive appearance. With ostomy lingerie, you can dress in a way that makes you feel beautiful and secure, knowing that your ostomy bag is discreetly and safely supported. It’s about embracing fashion without compromising on the practical needs of living with an ostomy.

Ostomy bag lingerie

Ostomy bag lingerie is a game-changer for individuals with an ostomy, blending practicality with elegance. These lingerie pieces are crafted to securely hold and conceal ostomy bags, allowing wearers to feel both comfortable and stylish. With ostomy bag lingerie, you can wear your favorite outfits with confidence, knowing that your ostomy bag is discreetly accommodated in beautiful, supportive undergarments.

Stoma lingerie

Stoma lingerie is specifically designed for those with a stoma, offering both comfort and style. These intimate garments provide the support needed for a stoma bag, while also focusing on aesthetic appeal. Stoma lingerie allows individuals to feel confident and attractive, ensuring that their medical needs don’t prevent them from enjoying fashionable and comfortable undergarments.

Stoma bag lingerie

Stoma bag lingerie addresses the unique needs of stoma users with a focus on style and comfort. These lingerie items are crafted to seamlessly accommodate stoma bags, ensuring they stay secure and discreet under clothing. With stoma bag lingerie, the functionality needed for stoma care is beautifully integrated into fashionable lingerie, allowing wearers to feel confident and elegant

colostomy lingerie

Colostomy lingerie is specifically tailored for those with a colostomy, providing a perfect blend of comfort and style. This specialized lingerie ensures that colostomy bags are supported and concealed, all while maintaining a fashionable look. Colostomy lingerie enables individuals to wear their favorite outfits without compromising on the care and support their colostomy bag needs.

colostomy bag lingerie

Colostomy bag lingerie is designed for those who want to feel stylish and comfortable while managing a colostomy. These lingerie pieces are adept at securely housing colostomy bags, ensuring they remain discreet and in place. With colostomy bag lingerie, the practicality of living with a colostomy is elegantly combined with the desire for attractive, supportive undergarments.

Ileostomy lingerie

Ileostomy lingerie is crafted for individuals with an ileostomy, providing a unique combination of elegance and functionality. These lingerie pieces offer support for ileostomy bags, while also focusing on fashionable design and comfort. Ileostomy lingerie allows those with an ileostomy to dress in a way that boosts their confidence, knowing their medical needs are met with style and discretion

Our Ostomy lingerie is the ultimate combination of function and fashion 

Don’t let your ostomy hold you back from feeling confident and sexy – try our Ostomy Body with black lace and experience the freedom and comfort it provides 

Short Slim Body (20cm)

46,99 $47,50 $

Body Sense

46,99 $47,99 $

Broad Slim body (23cm)

46,99 $47,99 $

Compatible with all ostomy bags, Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, Braun and all others.


What is ostomy lingerie and how is it different from regular lingerie?

Ostomy lingerie is specialized underwear designed specifically for individuals with an ostomy. It features a discreet pocket to hold the ostomy bag securely in place, as well as comfortable and supportive materials to ensure a comfortable fit.

Can I wear ostomy lingerie with all types of ostomy bags?

Yes, ostomy lingerie is designed to be compatible with all types of ostomy bags, including Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, Bbraun, and others.

Is ostomy lingerie comfortable to wear?

Yes, ostomy lingerie is designed with comfort in mind. It is made from ultra-soft, breathable materials that are gentle on the skin, and the discreet pocket is designed to hold the ostomy bag securely without causing discomfort.

Can I wear ostomy lingerie to special events or on romantic occasions?

Yes, ostomy lingerie is stylish and elegant, and can be worn to any special event or occasion. The delicate lace detailing and elegant design add a touch of femininity, making it the perfect choice for a romantic evening in with your partner.

How do I care for my ostomy lingerie?

Ostomy lingerie should be hand washed in cold water and hung to dry. Avoid using harsh detergents or bleach, and do not tumble dry or iron the lingerie. Follow the specific care instructions on the label for the best results.


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