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Ostomy Belt - SIIL Ostomy

Colostomy Belt | Ostomy Bag Covers

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Are you looking for a comfortable and stylish solution to safe wear your ostomy bag?

Our SIIL Ostomy Belt is the perfect option! 💡

🕳️ Say Goodbye to Leaks and discomfort with our comfortable and secure ostomy belt.

🔃 No Rolling Up –  adjustable medical velcro in the back to fast the stoma belt perfectly to your body figure avoiding roll ups.

🏊 Best Ostomy Belt for Swimming. It’s fast dry and delicate fabric makes it the most developed option for any water activity.

💦 No Sweating. Thanks to it’s high technology transpirable fibers the belt will be felt as a second skin and will avoid sweating as neopren

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Ostomy Belt SIIL ®

Colostomy Belt | Superior Ostomy Products

The SIIL Ostomy Belt® is a special and versatile garment, made of eco-sustainable stretch fabric with recycled ECONYL® fibers. Its antibacterial and absorbent properties guarantee breathability and quick drying, making it a perfect accessory for any use and situation. Sport, bathing or intimate moments. Designed to accommodate any ostomy pouch, it adapts to your stoma, providing the flexibility and comfort you need in your daily life.

Ostomy Belt | Colostomy Belt | | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Swimwear |

Benefits Of Using an Stoma Belt

Has your ostomy bag ever given you that niggling doubt during your daily hustle? It’s time to push those worries aside and step into a life of confidence! At SIIL, we believe in providing more than just support.

Our stoma support belt, colostomy bag belt, and ostomy belt are crafted not just to hold, but to embrace you. Experience a fit that feels like a second skin, ensuring your bag’s weight is spread smoothly across your abdomen. Dive into your day without the fear of leaks or mishaps, and find comfort in every stride.

Our Ostomy belt for swimming are designed specifically for water activities, keeping your ostomy bag secure and in place while you swim or participate in other water sports. No more worrying about your bag coming loose or leaking in the pool or at the beach!

Do high-output ileostomies often leave you feeling weighed down? Let our ileostomy and stoma bag belts be the uplifting support you need. Expertly designed to prevent sagging and skin pull, they prioritize your skin’s comfort and health. With them by your side, you can bid adieu to skin irritation and make every moment of your day more enjoyable and worry-free.

Ostomy Products | Colostomy Bag Covers | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Belt | Ileostomy Underwear

The model is wearing a S Size

Ostomy Belts and Wraps

Life doesn’t pause, and neither should you. Our colostomy support belt, ostomy belt with pouch, and ostomy bag support belt are your trusty shields against unexpected leaks and mishaps. They wrap you in confidence, letting you embrace every moment, every adventure, without a second thought.

For those seeking an added embrace, our stoma guard belt and abdominal binder for ostomy are here, offering even deeper support and safeguard.

And when the day winds down, our vertical hernia ostomy belt – be it colostomy or ileostomy – is your nighttime guardian. Crafted with care, it ensures restful nights, wrapping you in comfort and unwavering security.

Ostomy Belt - SIIL Ostomy

At SIIL Ostomy, we understand the little things that make a big difference. Our ostomy appliance belt and binder are crafted for those who seek that extra hug around their abdomen. Whether you’re using our ileostomy support belt or the stoma bag support belt, you’ll feel the care in every inch – designed to keep your bag snugly against you, eliminating the stress of accidental pulls.

Every stitch, every fiber of our belts is a testament to our commitment. We use only premium materials to ensure you experience both comfort and endurance. With SIIL Ostomy by your side, you’re not just wearing a belt; you’re embracing a new chapter of confidence. Dive into life’s adventures without a second thought. Order now, and feel the SIIL Ostomy difference!

Ostomy Belt - SIIL Ostomy

Unisex Stoma Belt

Designed with love, our Stoma binder embraces everyone. Whether you’re a man or a woman, it molds perfectly to your body, ensuring an impeccable fit every time.

Our SIIL Ostomy support belt is more than just a support; it’s peace of mind. It evenly balances your ostomy bag’s weight, cutting down on leaks, mishaps, and those moments of discomfort. So go ahead – rock that work presentation, hit the gym, or revel in the beauty of the outdoors. We’ve got you covered.

Choose from our colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy belts. They come in three timeless shades: Navy blue, sleek Black, and subtle Beige. Because your comfort should never compromise on style.

Stoma Support Belt | Colostomy Belt | | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Swimwear |

Compatible with any Ostomy, Colostomy or Ileostomy bag

Whether you have a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, our ostomy belt will help you feel confident and comfortable in your daily activities.

These belts are adjustable, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for all body types.

Ostomy Belt - SIIL Ostomy

Ostomy Bag Holder Belt

Ostomy Bag Covers designed with premium, soft, breathable fabric so you hardly notice your ostomy pouch when wearing. Is so transpirant that will avoid Sweating.

Stoma Support Belt

The design will support your ostomy bag completely and it’s velcro fasteners will help to adjust perfectly to your body to help avoid leaks while providing flexibility and security in your daily life.

Ostomy Belt for Swimming

The Ostomy Belt® fast dry and super light fabrics will enhance and allow any type of movement in high intensity and water sports.

Ostomy Belt for night use

Embrace the night with the Ostomy Belt® – where feather-light meets a flawless fit. It nestles against your body, shaping perfectly to you, ensuring undisturbed slumbers.

Perhaps the zenith of ostomy belt design, its adaptability is unmatched, catering to all ostomy types. From high-octane sports to serene swims and cherished intimate moments, it’s got your back.

But its true magic? Nighttime. With the Ostomy Belt®, dive into dreams without a worry in the world.

It is compatible with SIIL Protector®, achieving total protection with both accessories.

Compatible with ostomy pouch of any size Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, Braun and others.

Breathable textile perfect for water sports and activities

Adapted aperture for any ostomy device

Antibacterial, absorbent and soft textile for maximum comfort

Inner zipper for bag emptying and handling

Stoma Belt | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomates

Vertical Ostomy Belt

Say goodbye to leaks and discomfort 

Our vertical colostomy belt is designed to be worn in a vertical position, providing maximum comfort and support for those with a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy. Its unique design ensures that your ostomy bag stays in place and doesn’t shift or come loose, even during physical activity.


Information about ostomy belt support from Canadia Society of instestinal Research

Ostomy Belt - SIIL Ostomy

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Stoma guard | Stoma protector | Ostomy bag cover | stomashield | SIIL Ostomy

The perfect companion for your Ostomy Belt

Used together, Ostomy Belt and Stoma Protector will guarantee you the maximum comfort and protection possible for any kind of activity from work, travel, sports and swimming.


Discover how Stoma Protector can 

Ostomy Products | Colostomy Bag Covers | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Belt | Ileostomy Underwear

Ostomy Bag Color


Ostomy Products | Colostomy Bag Covers | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Belt | Ileostomy Underwear

Transparent Bags


Ostomy Products | Colostomy Bag Covers | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Belt | Ileostomy Underwear

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Ostomy Products | SIIL Ostomy


What is an ostomy belt?

An ostomy belt is a supportive and adjustable belt that is designed to hold an ostomy bag in place. It provides stability and security, reducing the risk of leaks and accidents.

Who can use an ostomy belt?

Anyone who has undergone ostomy surgery can benefit from using an ostomy belt. They are designed to accommodate different types of ostomies, including colostomy, ileostomy, and urostomy.

Are ostomy belts adjustable?

Yes, SIIL Ostomy belts are adjustable with medical high quality and comfortable Velcro. They are tailored to fit the individual’s body, men or women, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit.

What does an ostomy belt do?

An Ostomy belt is a highly detailed garment to hold and protect an ostomy bag. An Ostomy Belt will help to keep the ostomy bag fixed while doing any kind of activity and help to avoid leaks.

It includes velcro fasteners to adjust the ostomy belt to the silhouette and a zipper opening to manipulate or empty your osotmy bag comfortably.

An Ostomy Belt is more than a Ostomy bag cover.

Can I wear an ostomy belt all day?

Yes, many ostomy patients wear their ostomy belts all day. However, it’s important to listen to your body and adjust the belt as needed to ensure comfort at any moment of the day.

How long should you wear an ostomy belt?

You can wear an Ostomy Belt as many time as you want to. Is really important to know the fabric of the ostomy belt, as if the belt is made with Neopren, the belt will sweat and won’t be comfortable either helpful for the ostomy bag as can produce leaks when the adhesive melt.

In SIIL Ostomy the fabric is the most qualitative possible made for this specific use, being super transpirant to avoid sweating in any situation and fast dry properties so makes it the best Ostomy belt for Swimming.

Can you sleep with ostomy belt on?

Sure, as the Ostomy belt fits perfectly any body silhouette, thanks to the medical velcro fasteners, is a great option to use for sleep.

The soft and transpirable fabric will produce a “second skin” effect that you will barely feel that you are wearing anything.

Do I need an ostomy belt?

There is no requirement to use an ostomy belt per se, but it is highly recommended as will provide so many benefits for ostomates:

✅​ Hold the Ostomy Bag

✅​ Protects Ostomy Bag

✅​ Reduce Leaks

✅​ Hides the Ostomy bag perfectly

✅​ Boost confidence

✅​ A MUST for Swimming with the ostomy bag

✅​ Perfect to fix the ostomy bag while doing sports

Are ostomy belts washable?

Yes! SIIL Ostomy belt are perfectly washable in wahsing machine.

Recommendation is no more than 30ºC temperature.

And try to avoid drying machine.

What does an ostomy belt do?

An Ostomy belt is the most developed version of an ostomy bag cover with extra functionality to hold, hide and protects the ostomy bag in any possible situation, from work, to sports, swimming or sleeping.

An Ostomy Belt will help to keep the ostomy bag fixed while doing any kind of activity and help to avoid leaks.

It includes velcro fasteners to adjust the ostomy belt to the silhouette and a zipper opening to manipulate or empty your osotmy bag comfortably.

What our customers say about SIIL Ostomy Belt:

Number 1 in ostomy bags!

Nice fit. Breathes, lite weight and no sweat like elastic ones. No heat rashes in summer. Purchasing another one. It's a 9 in my book.

Thomas C.


So glad I bought it.
Excellent fit.
Great material!
Very Happy!

Marcos Mordechai

Fits perfectly! Amazing.

Yes it is a bit expensive and no it is not covered by insurance. However, it keeps my bag in place perfectly, is waterproof so I can swim, bike, and go out at night feeling secure. If my bag is full it Still supports it perfectly until I can empty it. Bravo!


Good Quality

good quality exactly as described


Great cover. Worth!

Shipping was relatively quick for coming from Spain. Quicker than expected. The cover is great, much better than others I've purchased. Hesitated due to the price, but it is that much better than the rest so definitely worth it.


Love my new belt!

The fit is as expected. Very comfortable and can be worn inside the belt line or out. I found it very easy to put on. Nice and sturdy Velcro attaching in the back.


Wares good all day

perfect ffor the fit and make.. even when sleeping or traveling it fell nice that the stoma bag is contained.

Yancy W.

Works well for Shower also

This is an excellent product. Works well for showering as well as everyday wear.

Sarah Weynman

Take measurements well before purchase

Item was very well made. Be sure about your correct size as I ordered wrong first time, fortunately everything was great and solved with SIIL team, nice experience!


Waiting for more colors - Best ostomy belt

These are top quality belts. They are affordable compared to other brands. The shipping is very quick and the Customer Service is OUTSTANDING


Exactly as described.

I'm very pleased with this item. It looks just like the picture and is just as described.



Es suave 🤗🤗gracias por hacer productos como este

Edith Osorio

Life Saver!

I wasn't sure this would fit me, but it has been a life saver. It holds the bag tightly, yet comfortably against the body and does not ride up or down when you sit, walk, etc. I've even worn it to bed successfully! Love, love, love it!


The item was very good!

This item was very good all 5 🌟 stars and the delivery was very fast.The design of the inside pocket is very convenient for putting your ostomy bag.


This belt is awesome

This belt is amazing. All you had to remember is what size of your bag and flange. And everything else will play it self out. It’s An amazing item. I’m already buying another set.

Jiovany santibanez
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