Ostomy Underwear

Ostomy underwear is a specialized garment designed specifically for individuals with an ostomy. These undergarments are tailored to provide comfort, support, and discretion for those who have undergone ostomy surgery. 

The primary benefit of ostomy underwear is its ability to securely hold an ostomy pouch in place, reducing the risk of leaks and skin irritation. Furthermore, this type of underwear is crafted to accommodate the pouch without applying excessive pressure, ensuring comfort throughout the day.

In addition to practicality, ostomy underwear also focuses on aesthetics. Many people with an ostomy are concerned about the visibility of their pouch. 

These undergarments are designed to be sleek and discreet, allowing wearers to feel confident in their appearance. With various styles and materials available, ostomy underwear meets a range of personal preferences and needs, making it an essential item for anyone living with an ostomy.

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Number 1 in ostomy bags!
Thomas C.
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Nice fit. Breathes, lite weight and no sweat like elastic ones. No heat rashes in summer. Purchasing another one. It's a 9 in my book.
Life Saver!
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I wasn't sure this would fit me, but it has been a life saver. It holds the bag tightly, yet comfortably against the body and does not ride up or down when you sit, walk, etc. I've even worn it to bed successfully! Love, love, love it!
Love my new belt!
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The fit is as expected. Very comfortable and can be worn inside the belt line or out. I found it very easy to put on. Nice and sturdy Velcro attaching in the back.
Fits perfectly! Amazing.
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It is not covered by insurance. Hoever, it keeps my bag in place perfectly, is waterproof so I can swim, bike and go out at night feeling secure. If my bag is full is still supports it perfectly until I can empty it. Bravo!
Wares good all day
Yancy W.
Read More
perfect ffor the fit and make.. even when sleeping or traveling it fell nice that the stoma bag is contained.
This belt is awesome
Jiovany santibanez
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This belt is amazing. All you had to remember is what size of your bag and flange. And everything else will play it self out. It's An amazing item. I'm already buying another set.
Works well for shower also
Sarah Weynman
Read More
this is an excellent product. Works well for showering as well as everyday wear.
The item was very good!
Read More
This item was very good, all 5 stars and the delivery was very fast. The design of the inside pocket is very convenient for putting your ostomy bag.
Exactly as described
Read More
I'm very pleased with this item. It looks just like the picture and is just as described.

The best way to buy the

products your Ostomy Love.

The best way to buy the

products your Ostomy Love.

Ostomy Undergarments

Ostomy undergarments are a specialized type of clothing designed specifically for individuals who have undergone an ostomy procedure. These garments play a crucial role in ensuring comfort and discretion, making daily life more manageable for ostomy patients. 

Unlike regular underwear, ostomy undergarments are crafted with features such as pockets or panels that securely hold the ostomy pouch, reducing the risk of it becoming dislodged or visible under clothing. This design consideration is essential for maintaining the wearer’s confidence and comfort.

The importance of selecting the right ostomy undergarments cannot be overstated. They are not only about concealing the ostomy pouch but also about providing the necessary support. 

High-quality ostomy undergarments are made from soft, stretchable fabrics that adapt to body movements, ensuring the pouch is held firmly yet comfortably against the body. This reduces noise and minimizes the chance of leaks, which are common concerns among ostomy patients. By choosing the right ostomy undergarments, individuals can lead an active and worry-free lifestyle, knowing they have the support they need.

Ostomy underwear for ladies

Ostomy underwear for ladies is a critical component in managing life with an ostomy, providing both support and confidence through specially designed features that cater to women’s needs. This type of underwear is engineered to accommodate and discreetly conceal an ostomy pouch, ensuring that it remains secure and invisible under clothing. 

Ostomy underwear for ladies often incorporates pockets or pouches that hold the ostomy bag away from the skin, reducing the risk of irritation and ensuring comfort throughout the day.

When selecting ostomy underwear for ladies, it’s important to focus on the material and fit. Soft, stretchable fabrics are ideal as they conform to the body’s shape and movements without restricting the stoma or applying unnecessary pressure on the ostomy bag. 

Additionally, these garments are designed with a feminine touch, offering various styles that range from practical and comfortable to elegant and sensual, ensuring that every woman can find underwear that suits her personal taste and lifestyle.

Moreover, ostomy underwear for ladies is not just about functionality; it’s also about restoring confidence and femininity after ostomy surgery. Many brands now offer designs that are as stylish as they are practical, featuring lace details, attractive patterns, and cuts that enhance the body’s silhouette. 

This development is significant, as it allows women with ostomies to feel beautiful and confident in their skin, breaking down barriers and changing perceptions about life with an ostomy. Whether for daily wear, special occasions, or physical activities, ostomy underwear for ladies provides the support, discretion, and style needed to live life to the fullest.

Ostomy bag Underwear

Ostomy bag underwear is a specialized type of clothing designed to provide support and concealment for individuals with an ostomy. These garments are essential for anyone looking to maintain a normal and active lifestyle post-surgery. 

Ostomy bag underwear is specifically crafted to accommodate the unique needs of ostomy patients, offering a discreet and comfortable way to secure their ostomy pouches.

One of the key features of ostomy bag underwear is the integration of pockets or compartments designed to hold the ostomy bag securely in place. 

This is crucial for preventing movement or shifting of the bag, which can lead to discomfort or accidents. Furthermore, ostomy bag underwear often features a sleek design that smooths out any visible lines, providing a seamless look under clothing.

In addition to functionality, comfort is a significant factor in ostomy bag underwear. Made with soft, stretchable materials, these garments are gentle against the skin and adaptable to various body shapes and movements. 

This flexibility is vital for ostomy patients who are active and do not want their mobility limited by their ostomy bag underwear. By investing in the right underwear, individuals with an ostomy can feel confident and secure in their daily activities.

Ladies ostomy underwear

Ladies’ ostomy underwear is designed with the dual goals of functionality and femininity, providing support for women living with an ostomy. This specialized underwear features discreet compartments or pouches to securely hold the ostomy bag, ensuring comfort and confidence throughout the day. 

The design of ladies’ ostomy underwear focuses on combining practicality with aesthetic appeal, allowing women to feel secure without compromising on style.

When choosing ladies’ ostomy underwear, it’s crucial to consider materials that offer softness and stretch, ensuring the fabric moves with the body without causing irritation or discomfort around the stoma area. 

Additionally, the fit should be snug but not restrictive, offering enough support to keep the ostomy bag in place while avoiding any unnecessary pressure on the abdomen.

Furthermore, ladies’ ostomy underwear comes in a variety of styles, from elegant and lacy to simple and practical, catering to different tastes and occasions. Many brands are dedicated to creating options that not only meet the medical needs of women with an ostomy but also make them feel attractive and confident. 

This commitment to combining utility with style in ladies’ ostomy underwear is a significant step forward in ensuring that women can embrace their lives fully, with dignity and self-assurance, after an ostomy surgery.

Colostomy underwear

Colostomy underwear is a specialized type of undergarment designed specifically for individuals with a colostomy, aiming to provide both support and discretion for colostomy bags. This innovative underwear is crafted to comfortably secure the colostomy bag, reducing the risk of leaks and skin irritation, while also ensuring the bag remains discreet under clothing. 

Colostomy underwear typically features a built-in pocket or pouch that holds the colostomy bag in place, preventing it from shifting or becoming visible under clothes.

When choosing colostomy underwear, it’s essential to consider the material and design. Look for soft, breathable fabrics that are gentle on the skin, especially around the stoma area, to prevent any discomfort or irritation. The design should offer a snug fit without being too tight, allowing for freedom of movement while keeping the colostomy bag securely in position. 

Additionally, many brands now offer colostomy underwear in a variety of styles and sizes, catering to both men and women, ensuring that individuals can find options that fit their body shape and personal preferences.

Moreover, colostomy underwear is not only functional but also available in stylish designs, allowing individuals to feel confident and attractive in their intimate apparel. This development is crucial for enhancing the quality of life for those living with a colostomy, providing them with options that support their medical needs without compromising on comfort or aesthetics. 

Whether for everyday wear or special occasions, colostomy underwear offers an essential solution for those seeking to manage their colostomy with confidence and ease.

Underwear for colostomy bags

Underwear for colostomy bags is a specialized type of undergarment designed to enhance the comfort and confidence of individuals who use colostomy bags. These garments are engineered with features that securely hold the colostomy bag in place, reducing the risk of leaks and providing a smooth silhouette under clothing. 

Underwear for colostomy bags typically includes reinforced pockets or panels that accommodate the bag, ensuring it remains discreet and comfortable throughout the day.

When selecting underwear for colostomy bags, it’s important to look for options that offer a combination of support and softness. The material should be breathable and gentle on the skin to prevent irritation around the stoma site. 

Additionally, the design should allow for easy access to the colostomy bag when necessary, while ensuring that it stays securely within the garment during daily activities.

Moreover, underwear for colostomy bags is available in a variety of styles to suit different preferences and needs, from high-waisted designs that offer extra support to more traditional cuts that provide a comfortable fit. 

Stoma underwear

Stoma underwear is specifically designed to support individuals who have a stoma, offering both comfort and discretion. This type of underwear incorporates special features to accommodate and securely hold the stoma pouch, ensuring it remains in place without any discomfort. 

Stoma underwear typically comes with reinforced panels or pockets that are strategically placed to hold the pouch away from the skin, reducing the risk of irritation and skin issues.

When choosing stoma underwear, it’s important to consider materials that are soft and stretchable, providing a snug fit without putting undue pressure on the stoma. Breathable fabrics are also key to maintaining skin health, as they allow air circulation and reduce moisture buildup. 

Moreover, the design of stoma underwear is focused on providing a seamless and discreet profile under clothing, allowing individuals to wear a wide range of outfits with confidence.

In addition to functionality, many brands now offer stoma underwear in various styles and designs, catering to different personal preferences and lifestyles. From everyday basics to more elegant options suitable for special occasions, there is stoma underwear available for every need. 

This evolution in design signifies a positive step towards normalizing life with a stoma, enabling individuals to feel more confident and less self-conscious about their appearance. Whether for daily wear or specific activities, stoma underwear provides the essential support and discretion needed by stoma patients, allowing them to lead active and fulfilling lives.

Ileostomy Underwear

Ileostomy underwear is a specially designed garment for individuals who have undergone an ileostomy procedure. These undergarments play a crucial role in providing support, comfort, and discretion for those living with an ileostomy. 

One of the key features of ileostomy underwear is the integration of a pocket or panel that securely holds the ileostomy pouch. This design is essential for minimizing the pouch’s movement and visibility under clothing, which is a common concern for ileostomy patients.

When it comes to choosing ileostomy underwear, comfort and functionality are paramount. These undergarments are typically made from soft, breathable fabrics that are gentle against the skin. The material is often stretchable, allowing for a comfortable fit that adapts to body movements without causing restriction or discomfort. 

In addition to practicality, ileostomy underwear is designed to look as normal as possible, helping individuals to feel more confident in their daily activities. Whether it’s going about day-to-day tasks, engaging in physical exercise, or dressing for special occasions, ileostomy underwear provides the necessary support and discretion. 

By wearing the right ileostomy underwear, individuals can lead an active, fulfilling life without being overly concerned about their ileostomy pouch.

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Our Ostomy underwear is suitable for any brand of Colostomy, Ileostomy, or Urostomy bags, including Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, BBraun, and many others. Whether you’re going to work, hitting the gym, or enjoying a day at the beach, our products are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life.

What is ostomy clothing?

Ostomy clothing in SIIL OSTOMY are stylish garments designed with additional special features for ostomates.

  1. They include inner pocket to hold the ostomy bag to help it’s support and comfort.
  2. The include invisible opening to empty the ostomy bag easily.
  3. Special fabrics, with antibacterial and super soft properties to never irritate the skin and protect your stoma.
  4. Designs that help to disguise the ostomy bag, from fabric to patterns.


What is ostomy underwear?

Ostomy undewear are a clothing option designed for ostomates. They include inner pocket to hold the ostomy bag to help it’s support. SIIL Ostomy makes beautiful ostomy underwear designs with lace for intimacy.


How do you hide an ostomy bag?

Fortunately, there are now many options for covering your ostomy pouch. The ideal is to find underwear adapted for ostomates that you like, which include an internal pocket that holds and protects the ostomy bag, although it is also possible to decorate your ostomy bag with a cover and not hide your pouch.

Ostomy Underwear | Ostomy Lingerie | SIIL Ostomy
Ostomy Underwear | Ostomy Lingerie |


Can you wear jeans with an ostomy bag?

Yes! Perfectly you can wear all kinds of clothes with your ostomy bag. Each case is unique so you would need just to check which adapted ostomy garment, like stoma protector if your stoma is at the heigh of the belt, ostomy wraps to hold the ostomy bag or ostomy belts that helps you to wear your jeans or any clothing you like the most.


What is an ostomy cover?

Ostomy bag covers are soft fabric covers that cover your ostomy pouch. It is a way to provide discretion without having to hide the bag with other most developed ostomy appliances or accessories.


Colostomy Underwear : What it is?

Colostomy underwear is specially designed clothing that accommodates and supports colostomy bags, ensuring comfort and discretion for wearers.

What clothes can you wear with an ostomy?

Ostomy Belts and Ostomy Wraps may help to hold ostomy bag and pull it into the abdomen softly so is possible to wear any kind of clothes afterwards. There are many types of belts and ostomy bands, colors and designs to choose from, just like any other fashion accessory so you can combine and wear the outfits you like the most.


Ileostomy Underwear : What it is?

Ileostomy underwear is tailored to fit and support ileostomy bags, providing added security and comfort compared to regular underwear.

What celebrities have colostomy bags?

We don’t know with certain all the celebrities that have ostomy bags, but here we have some of them:

  • Dwight David Eisenhower
  • Marvin Bush
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Tip O’Neill
  • Rolf Benirschke
  • Jair Bolsonaro
  • Loretta Young
  • Ann Sothern
  • Adele Roberts
  • Jerry Kramer


Ostomy underwear in Canada?

Yes, SIIL OStomy ships daily to Canada. Expect to receive your order in 7 days average.

I'm based in the UK. Where can I purchase ostomy underwear?

Don’t worry, we know the importance of our ostomy products so we manage all shipping challenges so you can receive your ostomy undergarments in 4-7 days in UK.

Is ostomy underwear available in the US?

Yes, SIIL Ostomy ships daily to US Ostomy patients.

How does ostomy bag underwear enhance comfort?

Ostomy bag underwear is designed with materials that prevent chafing and has specialized compartments to hold the bag securely, reducing movement and potential discomfort.