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Navigating life with an ostomy, colostomy, or ileostomy bag can be challenging, especially when it comes to finding the right clothing. 

At SIIL Ostomy, we’re dedicated to offering a blend of style, comfort, and functionality tailored to your unique needs.

Ostomy Underwear & Clothing

Ostomy Wraps : Elevate Your Style with

Our range of Ostomy Wraps is meticulously designed to provide the support you need while ensuring a seamless fit with your attire. Experience the perfect blend of comfort and style, tailored for those with ostomy bags.

Ostomy Underwear - Colostomy wraps Ileostomy belt - SIIL Ostomy

Unparalleled Support with the Ostomy Belt

Discover the unique design of our Ostomy Belt that offers unmatched support for individuals with ostomy, colostomy, or ileostomy bags. Crafted for daily wear, it ensures you move with confidence and ease.

Colostomy Underwear - Ostomy bag brands - Ileostomy bags - SIIL Ostomy

Dive into Ostomy Swimwear

Whether it’s a day at the beach or a pool party, our Ostomy Swimwear ensures you can enjoy every moment with confidence.

Ostomy swimwear - Ostomy Underwear - Colostomy Ileostomy - SIIL Ostomy

Ostomy Underwear for Everyday Confidence

Our specially designed ostomy underwear ensures you feel comfortable and secure, allowing you to move freely without any constraints.

Explore Our Ostomy Panties →

Ostomy Underwear - Colostomy Underwear - Ileostomy Underwear - SIIL Ostomy

Why SIIL Ostomy Stands Out

Designed with You in Mind

Every product, from our ostomy clothing to stoma covers, is crafted considering the unique challenges and needs of individuals with ostomy, colostomy, and ileostomy bags.

Ostomy Garments Meet Fashion

We believe that having an ostomy shouldn’t limit your fashion choices. Our products are not only functional but also align with the latest fashion trends, ensuring you always feel stylish.

A Community Beyond Products

At SIIL Ostomy, we understand the journey of living with an ostomy bag. Beyond offering products, we aim to be a supportive community, providing guidance, tips, and resources to help you lead a vibrant life.

Stoma guard | Stoma protector | Ostomy bag cover | stomashield | SIIL Ostomy

The perfect companion for your Ostomy Belt

Used together, Ostomy Belt and Stoma Protector will guarantee you the maximum comfort and protection possible for any kind of activity from work, travel, sports and swimming.


Ostomy Products | Colostomy Bag Covers | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Belt | Ileostomy Underwear

Ostomy Bag Color


Ostomy Products | Colostomy Bag Covers | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Belt | Ileostomy Underwear

Transparent Bags


Ostomy Products | Colostomy Bag Covers | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Belt | Ileostomy Underwear

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Shop & Explore with Confidence

Browse our diverse range of ostomy products and find solutions tailored to your needs. With SIIL Ostomy, you’re choosing quality, innovation, and a brand that genuinely cares. Shop Now →

Ostomy Prouds!

Ostomy prouds | SIIL Ostomy

Top Sales SIIL Ostomy:

Don’t let an ostomy bag hold you back from living your life to the fullest. Browse our selection of Ostomy products and find the perfect solutions for your needs. Shop online with SIIL Ostomy today, and experience the comfort and confidence that comes with using the best ostomy products on the market.

Our Ostomy clothing is suitable for any brand of Colostomy, Ileostomy, or Urostomy bags, including Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, BBraun, and many others. Whether you’re going to work, hitting the gym, or enjoying a day at the beach, our products are designed to fit seamlessly into your everyday life.

What is ostomy clothing?

Ostomy clothing in SIIL OSTOMY are stylish garments designed with additional special features for ostomates.

  1. They include inner pocket to hold the ostomy bag to help it’s support and comfort.
  2. The include invisible opening to empty the ostomy bag easily.
  3. Special fabrics, with antibacterial and super soft properties to never irritate the skin and protect your stoma.
  4. Designs that help to disguise the ostomy bag, from fabric to patterns.


What is ostomy underwear?

Ostomy undewear are a clothing option designed for ostomates. They include inner pocket to hold the ostomy bag to help it’s support. SIIL Ostomy makes beautiful ostomy underwear designs with lace for intimacy.


How do you hide an ostomy bag?

Fortunately, there are now many options for covering your ostomy pouch. The ideal is to find underwear adapted for ostomates that you like, which include an internal pocket that holds and protects the ostomy bag, although it is also possible to decorate your ostomy bag with a cover and not hide your pouch.

Ostomy Underwear | Ostomy Lingerie | SIIL Ostomy
Ostomy Underwear | Ostomy Lingerie |


Can you wear jeans with an ostomy bag?

Yes! Perfectly you can wear all kinds of clothes with your ostomy bag. Each case is unique so you would need just to check which adapted ostomy garment, like stoma protector if your stoma is at the heigh of the belt, ostomy wraps to hold the ostomy bag or ostomy belts that helps you to wear your jeans or any clothing you like the most.


What is an ostomy cover?

Ostomy bag covers are soft fabric covers that cover your ostomy pouch. It is a way to provide discretion without having to hide the bag with other most developed ostomy appliances or accessories.


Colostomy Underwear : What it is?

Colostomy underwear is specially designed clothing that accommodates and supports colostomy bags, ensuring comfort and discretion for wearers.

What clothes can you wear with an ostomy?

Ostomy Belts and Ostomy Wraps may help to hold ostomy bag and pull it into the abdomen softly so is possible to wear any kind of clothes afterwards. There are many types of belts and ostomy bands, colors and designs to choose from, just like any other fashion accessory so you can combine and wear the outfits you like the most.


Ileostomy Underwear : What it is?

Ileostomy underwear is tailored to fit and support ileostomy bags, providing added security and comfort compared to regular underwear.

What celebrities have colostomy bags?

We don’t know with certain all the celebrities that have ostomy bags, but here we have some of them:

  • Dwight David Eisenhower
  • Marvin Bush
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Tip O’Neill
  • Rolf Benirschke
  • Jair Bolsonaro
  • Loretta Young
  • Ann Sothern
  • Adele Roberts
  • Jerry Kramer


Ostomy underwear in Canada?

Yes, SIIL OStomy ships daily to Canada. Expect to receive your order in 7 days average.

I'm based in the UK. Where can I purchase ostomy underwear?

Don’t worry, we know the importance of our ostomy products so we manage all shipping challenges so you can receive your ostomy undergarments in 4-7 days in UK.

Is ostomy underwear available in the US?

Yes, SIIL Ostomy ships daily to US Ostomy patients.

How does ostomy bag underwear enhance comfort?

Ostomy bag underwear is designed with materials that prevent chafing and has specialized compartments to hold the bag securely, reducing movement and potential discomfort.

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