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SIIL Ostomy is a specialized firm in clothing and accessories for people wearing an ostomy bag. Our main Ostomy bag covers are Ostomy underwear like Ostomy panties and Ostomy wraps, together with our unique Ostomy belt and Ostomy swimwear.

Inspired by the desire to help ostomates, we have developed high quality Ostomy products with special properties and focus on design and comfort.

We work with premium materials and fabrics, designing ostomy clothing that follow the latest fashion trends. Our goal is to create functional and stylish fashion for people with an ostomy bag.

Innovation, comfort and elegance distinguish SIIL Ostomy.

Suitable for any brand of Colostomy bag, Ileostomy bags or Urostomy bags, like Coloplast, Hollister, Convatec, BBraun and many others.

Ostomy Clothing Categories:

Stoma Protector®

Tough. Light. Invisible.

Ostomy Garments Designs

Innovation. Design. Protection

SIIL Ostomy clothing uses the best international fabrics to manufacture its garments, ostomy underwear. The innovation in our ostomy products has led us to use eco-sustainable ECONYL® fibers as well as the following properties of our fabrics, unique in the ostomy clothing world until today:

Creation of adapted ostomy clothing garments with internal pockets that guarantee the subjection and protection of an ostomy bag.

Exclusive creation of ostomy underwear garments with absorbent property through layers and fibers with super absorbent properties that help reduce the impact of leaks.

Exclusive creation of ostomy underwear garments with antibacterial properties that reduce irritation, stains and odors.


What is ostomy underwear?

Ostomy undewear are a clothing option designed for ostomates. They include inner pocket to hold the ostomy bag to help it’s support. SIIL Ostomy makes beautiful ostomy underwear designs with lace for intimacy.

How do you hide an ostomy bag?

Fortunately, there are now many options for covering your ostomy pouch. The ideal is to find underwear adapted for ostomates that you like, which include an internal pocket that holds and protects the ostomy bag, although it is also possible to decorate your ostomy bag with a cover and not hide your pouch.

Ostomy Underwear | Ostomy Lingerie | SIIL Ostomy
Ostomy Underwear | Ostomy Lingerie |

What is an ostomy cover?

Ostomy bag covers are soft fabric covers that cover your ostomy pouch. It is a way to provide discretion without having to hide the bag with other most developed ostomy appliances or accessories.

What is an ostomy belt?

For those individuals who have had a colostomy, urostomy, ileostomy or other similar procedures like hernia, ostomy bag belts provide support for the weight of ostomy bags that are attached to the stoma. These ostomy belts are carefully designed to perfect fit around the abdomen and securely hold and protect the ostomy bag. An ostomy belt creates security and support for ostomates and their colostomy bags.

Ostomy Belt | Colostomy Belt | | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Swimwear |
Ostomy Belt | Colostomy Belt | | SIIL Ostomy | Ostomy Swimwear |

What clothes can you wear with an ostomy?

Ostomy Belts and Ostomy Wraps may help to hold ostomy bag and pull it into the abdomen softly so is possible to wear any kind of clothes afterwards. There are many types of belts and ostomy bands, colors and designs to choose from, just like any other fashion accessory so you can combine and wear the outfits you like the most.

Why do you wear an ostomy belt?

There are a number of benefits to consider when looking at ostomy belts and ostomy wraps.

Benefits wearing Ostomy Belt:

  • Ostomy bag support
  • Reduce the need for adhesives and associated skin irritation
  • Helps improving the seal when utilizing a convex skin barrier
  • Improved self confidence, attractiveness and comfort
  • Stability for colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy bags.
  • Prevention of detachment from the stoma
  • Leakage reduction  caused from physical movement of the bag
  • Peace of mind, you can forget about the bag as the belt holds it even when is filled
  • And more…

What celebrities have colostomy bags?

We don’t know with certain all the celebrities that have ostomy bags, but here we have some of them:


  • Dwight David Eisenhower
  • Marvin Bush
  • Napoleon Bonaparte
  • Tip O’Neill
  • Rolf Benirschke
  • Jair Bolsonaro
  • Loretta Young
  • Ann Sothern
  • Adele Roberts
  • Jerry Kramer


Can you wear jeans with an ostomy bag?

Yes! Perfectly you can wear all kinds of clothes with your ostomy bag. Each case is unique so you would need just to check which adapted ostomy garment, like stoma protector if your stoma is at the heigh of the belt, ostomy wraps to hold the ostomy bag or ostomy belts that helps you to wear your jeans or any clothing you like the most.