A Positive Dialogue for Ostomates

Learning To Embrace Your Scars: 🤔


Hope you are doing well 😚, Maria writting… 

At this point we all know that having ostomy surgery, whether it’s a colostomy,  ileostomy or urostomy, is a life-altering event… However, adjusting to your new body may come with its emotional and psychological challenges, especially when it comes to the scars left behind, and this is something is not being talked as much as in my opinion is needed.

This is what I want to talk with you about today 😎

The importance of internal positive dialogue for Ostomates | SIIL Ostomy

The Silent Conversation 🙄

We often have a silent dialogue with our bodies. 

Sometimes we scrutinize each flaw under the harsh light of a bathroom mirror, sometimes we’re self-conscious about what others might think when they see our ostomy scars. The first step to transforming this relationship is to switch the narrative ✍ 

Here are some affirmations we might consider incorporating into our daily dialogue with ourselves.

🌟 Dear body, Sorry for being ashamed of your scars.

🌟 I understood that what scarred my skin also saved my life.

Acknowledging the Transformation 🤕

Your body underwent surgery not as a setback, but as a solution. Every scar signifies a battle fought and won. 

Each mark represents a day you chose life over suffering, health over illness. So, instead of being ashamed, feel proud of the body that has carried you this far.

The importance of internal positive dialogue for Ostomates | SIIL Ostomy

Practical Tips to Start the Conversation: 🤔

1.Start Your Day Right: As you dress in the morning, use SIIL Ostomy garments that make you feel sexy and good-looking. While doing so, look in the mirror and pay yourself a compliment


2. Journaling: Keep a diary where you jot down positive affirmations and thoughts about your body. Reflect on it when you’re feeling low.


3. Practice Self-Care: Invest time in caring for your ostomy and the skin around it. This is a practical way to show love to yourself.


4. Share Your Story: Sometimes, sharing your journey can not only inspire others but also reinforce your own positive feelings about your body.

Words Create Worlds 😍

The language we use shapes our experiences👀

When we change our internal conversation, we change the way we experience the world. 

We are not just an ostomate; we are a warrior, a survivor, and our scars are our badges of honor 😠

Conclusion 💃🕺

SIIL Ostomy is more than just a brand; it’s a lifestyle that encourages you to love yourself wholly

From our garments that redefine comfort and style to this platform where we share empowering stories, we are committed to helping you build a relationship of respect, love, and awe with your body.

So, the next time you look at your scars, remember, they aren’t signs of weakness but symbols of strength and resilience.


🌟 “Dear body, thank you for being amazing.

Ostomy prouds | SIIL Ostomy

Kisses 😘  and remember: always Ostomy Prouds!

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