Tattoos for Ostomates

Tattoos for Ostomates???
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Today I’m so excited to bring you a controversial topic, which is the use of Tattooing over our Ostomy Scars.

First of all, I am personally not a Tattoo person BUT… I liked so much some of the examples I found and bring here to you in case you get inspired 😉


Benefits of Tattooing Over Scars

  • Empowerment and Confidence: A tattoo can shift the focus from the scar to the artwork.
  • Personal Expression: It tells a story, symbolizing the journey and triumph.
  • Physical Healing: Tattoos can sometimes flatten raised scars.


Potential Risks + Ostomy

  • Infection: Ensuring cleanliness during and after the procedure is crucial.
  • Tattoo Regret: It’s essential to be certain before getting inked.
  • The skin around the stoma might be more sensitive, so extra care is required.


It’s natural to have apprehensions, especially when considering something permanent like a tattoo… But what is this in our case ugh??

Important notice

It’s advisable to research and consult with your doctor and stomatherapist the health and safety aspects of getting a tattoo over an active ostomy scar.


When to do it?

Scars in general take a good six months to a year to fully heal. One should wait until the scar is fully healed prior to getting a tattoo. It should be done in a sterile fashion and done by someone who has experience with tattooing over scars to get the best results


“I would say wait a full year before tattooing over a scar. However it also depends on the severity of the scar, how much trauma, heal time, etc,”


Fast Questions I made myself

When to do it after surgery?

Minimum 6 months is what is recommended, but I would consider, based on what I read, minimum 1 year.

Will the tattoo hurt more over the scar?

It varies for everyone. Some report increased sensitivity, while others feel less pain. And again… as Ostomates we have more strenght than steel.

Can the tattoo be affected if I need another surgery?

There’s always a possibility, so keep this important point in mind. Could be an awesome solution for complete reversed ostomies.

Is there a chance the tattoo can fade faster on scar tissue?

Scar tissue might not retain ink as well as healthy skin. Touch-ups may be required.

Are there specific designs recommended for ostomy scars?

It’s a personal choice. However, designs that follow the scar’s natural lines can look more organic.

Tattoos offer ostomates an incredible way to either mask or celebrate their scars.


As with any decision, it’s vital to weigh the pros and cons, do thorough research, and make informed choices.


In my personal view after the research I would say the 100% best option is after a reversal, but you know… you can also make some fun of the Stoma as below 🤣

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