Stoma Protector

Stoma Guard | Stoma Shield


Made of high-strength polymer. Protection against any daily impact, pets or scratches.


Inspired by a turtle shell, it is the perfect size to protect your stoma from showing under your clothes.


Adapted design for any type of ostomy. Compatible with Coloplast, Convatec, Hollister and Braun.


Free. Designed to attach directly to your bag, no buckles or belt. Simple for everyday use.

Enjoy. Trust.

SIIL Protector® is designed as a unique concept. Now you will be able to enjoy your daily life with the peace of mind that nothing can rub against your stoma. It is perfect for seat belts, pets and impact sports.  The double opening system guarantees 100% protection even with a full pouch.

Stoma protector | Stoma guards | Ostomy protector | Stoma dome | Stomadome
Double Aperture

Having an opening at both the top and bottom, it always protects the stoma without rubbing, even when the pouch is filled.

High endurance Material

Lightweight and high hardness material makes it imperceptible once in place and protects from any friction or blow in your day to day life.

Function defines the form

Inspired by the shell of a turtle, SIIL Protector® protects the stoma at any moment. It is designed by and for your protection while being invisible under clothing.

Double opening to avoid stoma chafing with a full pouch

Inner height of more than 12mm for all types of stomas

Inspired by a turtle shell, its design and hardness protects against all types of shocks

Its ergonomic shape and ease of use make it invisible under clothing

Stoma protector | Stoma guard | Ostomy protector | Stoma Shield



SIIL Protector® is truly thin and light. It improves any stoma protector ever designed before. It has a double-strength shell shape. We have added a top and bottom opening, making it the only protector that does not rub against the stoma when filling the pouch. No need for a belt or additional support. 

Perfect Size
for the stoma

Tear off.
Stick. Attach.

Stoma Guard – Simple and convenient for day-to-day use 


Tear off the Velcro from the sheets in your box


Attach the newly teared off Loop to its pair Hook on the underside of SIIL Protector, leaving the adhesive facing outward


Stick SIIL Protector in your Coloplast, Convatec, Hollister or Braun pouch, at the stoma level, from that moment on you will be protected and will be free to take off and put on SIIL Protector as many times as you want

Stoma protector
for every occasion

Three colors available

White SIIL

Perfect combination with your transparent bag or with light-colored garments


Beige SIIL

Elegant and discreet, perfect to camouflage with the color of your bag


Solidary Blue SIIL*

For the most daring and sporty. Perfect with your darkest garments


Spare Parts
Stoma Protector

Adhesive Velcro refills so you can reuse your Stoma Protector with any type of ostomy pouch.

Spare Parts SIIL x40


Spare Parts SIIL x120


Spare Parts SIIL x240


Tough, light, invisible

Maximum protection

Stoma protector | Stoma guard | Ostomy protector | Stoma Shield
Stoma protector | Stoma guards | Ostomy protector | Stoma dome | Stomadome

SIIL Stoma Protector®

Tough, light, invisible

The best Stoma Guard.

Valid with all types of ostomies and stomas. We have designed it with double opening to avoid chafing on the stoma even when the pouch is filled.




White SIIL

Beige SIIL


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