Leaks and ostomy

Gloria Jiménez

Gloria Jiménez

Having an ostomy can sometimes cause problems. One of the biggest fears of people with an ostomy pouch is leakage. The fear of the pouch coming off is very common, however, with help and experience, it is possible to control this situation.

Leaks do occur and they occur at the point of least resistance. No one wants a leaky stoma but sometimes they do occur. Keeping a positive attitude is very important but aside from positivity, these situations can affect the quality of life of the person and make their day to day life difficult. With a few simple tips, a little preparation and care, they can be effectively controlled.

  1. Appropriate clothing; it is recommended to wear clothing adapted to the ostomy to avoid friction of the clothing with the pouch (like dressing with an ostomy). You can use SIIL Ostomy Line ostomy bands or ostomy belts for extra security in your daily life.
  2. Do not manipulate the adhesive part of the disc with your fingers, use a device to manipulate the disc.
  3. Avoid any product such as creams or similar in the area around the stoma that hinders the adhesion of the disc.
  4. Consult with your nurse if the device you are using is right for you. There are many models do not be afraid to try or change.

Slim Body Ostomy Intimate


  1. Some stomas retract into the skin (stoma types) so they are more prone to leak when the device is placed. A convex shaped plate adds extra protection.
  2. There are also seals, powders, adhesives and moldable wipes as well as adhesive boosters that help contain leaks and can be better tailored to your needs, feel free to inquire.

Basic Ostomy Wrap


7. Drain or change the bag regularly. Take advantage of opportunities to empty or change bags whenever possible.

8. Change the entire device no later than the third day, as the products lose effectiveness (stoma care).

9. Empty a drainable pouch (2-piece) when it is 1/3 full. It is always better to drain when you have the opportunity.

10. Always carry a small toiletry bag with you, such as the SIIL Ostomy Line, with the essentials for a complete change: replacement pouch, plate (cut), barrier wipe and whatever you consider essential for the change.

If you’re in a pinch and your ostomy pouch leaks, find out exactly where it’s coming from and see if it’s possible to plug it. The most common leaks come from underneath the barrier because the adhesive comes loose or stool leaks out. Inserting a napkin at that point can give you plenty of extra time to go to the bathroom and minimize leaks.

Occasionally, the ostomy pouch may come off while you are sleeping, resulting in a very uncomfortable situation. To avoid this, try to empty, drain or even change it before going to sleep. Change it again when you get up in the morning.

Although at the beginning this type of situation can be very irritating, experience will help you to deal with it better. A very useful tip is to stay calm when you have a leak. This way, you will be able to change the device in a more appropriate way.

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