Telling that you have an Ostomy

Telling people you have an ostomy is up to you. It probably makes sense to share it with the people closest to you. They will be concerned about you and your recovery. Sharing your experience with them, explaining what an ostomy is and what it entails, can be a positive way to express your feelings, receive more support and reduce your fears.

In some cases, you may be forced to give explanations for more practical reasons. For example, in a work environment where they have to enable or adapt some space to leave your material or make the care of your stoma. Explain it in a natural way and with a medical approach.

Your circle of acquaintances will want to know what happened to you or what your intervention consisted of. If you do not want to give many explanations you can say that you have undergone abdominal surgery or any other basic intervention, without going into details. 

Having a colostomy, ileostomy or urostomy is a major change that affects your physical appearance and other aspects of your life. Assimilating it can be harder than expected and in that case it is good to go to the professionals who will give you guidelines that will surely help you to give normality to your situation.

A good way to increase your confidence and normalize the situation is to communicate and be in contact with other people with ostomies. It can be through support groups in the community or in RRSS. With them you will be able to ask those questions that at a certain moment you may be embarrassed to ask the doctor or nursing staff.

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Nowadays, both on Facebook and Instagram there are ostomates groups where you can find a lot of information, express your concerns and get many tips and tricks to help you adapt to your new situation with your ostomy pouch.

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