Hiding an Ostomy

To you, the ostomy pouch you have is very obvious. When you look in the mirror, you notice it under your clothes and you probably think that every noise coming from your stoma is very loud and everyone hears it. However, most people will not realize that you are wearing an ostomy pouch unless you tell them. Over time you will discover tips and tricks to hide your pouch, reduce noise and odors.

Here are some ideas to hide your ostomy pouch:

1. Empty the pouch before it reaches half its capacity. That way, it won’t bulge under your clothes.

2. Work with your stomatrist to find the ostomy pouching system that’s right for you. Try different devices without fear, and if in doubt, ask for as much information as possible.

3. If you are concerned about odor when emptying the ostomy pouch, ask the professionals. You can find ostomy pouch deodorizers or air fresheners to reduce odor.

4. You can buy ostomy clothes, adapted to the ostomy pouch, such as bands, girdles, belts, adapted underwear or swimwear for you, prepared to increase security and totally hide your ostomy pouch.

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In SIIL Ostomy line we have created garments such as the Slim Body, for your most intimate moments, bands, belts or basic underwear to meet your needs. All compatible with Coloplast, Convatec, Hollister and Braun pouches.

In case your stoma makes noises, you can press lightly with your hand on the stoma area thus muffling the noises. In SIIL Ostomy line we are working on the development of products to reduce odors and gases. Subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about the launching of this product.

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Ask close friends or people you trust if your ostomy pouch is visible when you are dressed, if the sounds the stoma makes are as loud as you think they are, or the smell as strong as you think it is.

The human body makes noises and produces odors at times. While it can be embarrassing, don’t let fear and insecurity keep you from living a normal life.

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