Sex and Ostomy: Recommendations and tips

For a person with an ostomy, the moment before a sexual encounter can generate fear and insecurity. Normal preparations such as showering, shaving, perfuming or wearing sexy lingerie will not be enough for an ostomate because the main concern will always be the visibility of the ostomy pouch or the problems it may cause in an intimate encounter.

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Here are some guidelines to follow to enjoy your sexual encounters:

1. Try to achieve a relaxed atmosphere, where you feel safe both with your device and with yourself.
2. Focus on your feelings and those of your partner and forget about the ostomy and the pouch, as you did before the intervention.
3. It is important to create a suitable environment that allows you to be comfortable and relaxed. Use erotic games, dances, games, caresses, couple roles. Eroticize your body, your scars. Use alternatives that can facilitate stimulation as well as relaxation.

4. Before the sexual encounter, empty the pouch and make sure it is securely attached and in place. Prepare for the encounter. Planning for them can help you be more confident.

5. Be proactive with your diet and the liquids you are going to drink, so you can avoid those that produce gas, avoiding added complications such as the pouch swelling as a result of them.

6. If you are concerned about the appearance of the pouch, wear ostomy clothing. Adapted garments such as the ostomy belt or the SIIL Ostomy line ostomy bands/sashes.

7. If you are a woman, consider using “bodysuits” or crotchless or crotchless crotchless garments as well as ostomy bands.

We recommend the use of the SIIL Ostomy line Slim body to enjoy your intimacy with total security, hiding your ostomy pouch at the time.

8. You can use mini or midi size pouches or any device that takes up as little space as possible and allows you to feel comfortable.

9. If it is the first time you sleep with someone, do not do it naked. Always use some kind of garment such as bands/sashes, belts or bodysuits.

10. If you have a colostomy and it is irrigated, it is advisable to clean it just before having sex as it will allow you to use a small patch or a “safety bag” at that time.

11. Use sexual positions and postures that are comfortable for both of you. If you feel weaker than usual, try positions that facilitate the encounter, try lying on your side where the ostomy pouch is so that it is supported down and is not an obstacle. It is advisable that you avoid positions in which the pouch is pressed.

12. The LGBT community has the same concerns and fears about sex after ostomy surgery as everyone else. The removal of the rectum and closure of the anus can be challenging for someone with an ileostomy or colostomy, so other methods of sexual pleasure should be discussed and discussed. Seek communication with your partner and be open with your medical team. You will be able to find satisfactory solutions to your situation.

13. In more compromising situations, try to bring some humor. The noise sometimes caused by the stoma can lead to a quick joke.

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The sexual life of each person, as well as tastes or inclinations can be very diverse as well as complex and private so it is advisable that if you have any doubts, go to your doctor or stomatotherapist and consult with them about everything as well as the problems that may arise.

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