What is an ostomy?

Gloria Jiménez

Gloria Jiménez

An ostomy is a surgical intervention in which a hole is made in the abdomen to remove the digestive or urinary tract, through which we expel feces or urine. Therefore, a bag must be placed for its collection.



It is common, when you tell someone close to you that you have a stoma, to receive looks of surprise, embarrassment and surprise. Having a stoma is not something usual and it is a condition that still has little social visibility.

An ostomy is not a disease, it is an ailment. It occurs in those who have altered digestive or urinary function due to cancer, inflammatory bowel disease or trauma, among others.

Stress and the way of life in western countries directly affect our digestive system, so it is necessary to take it into account and try to reduce those factors that trigger this type of diseases that can end up leading to an ostomy.

An ostomy can be temporary caused, for example, by an intestinal obstruction. In this case, the normal procedure will be to perform a stoma in an emergency situation until the problem that caused it to be performed is solved, close it some time later and defecate again.

Ostomies are permanent when the patient’s life is compromised and the only way to cure the disease is to remove the rectum and anus.

People who suffer an ostomy can lead a practically normal life. They can do sports, go to the beach, swim in the swimming pool and have sexual relations, it will help a lot to have underwear and complements adapted for ostomies. But they must pay special attention to the care of their pouch, as well as their daily hygiene.

There are products on the market that will facilitate the adaptation to the new situation and its normalization, such as ostomy belts for sports activities, ostomy panties, ostomy bands and even ostomy bathing suits. SIIL Ostomy line has a varied collection of products for ostomates.

According to data from the Spanish Society of Nursing Experts in Stomatherapy (SEDE) in Spain, 100,000 people are ostomized and the figure is growing by 5% annually.

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